The freshest combinations of the freshest ingredients, complete with our
made from scratch dressings. Featuring organic, local and totally appetizing
fare. Serves 2-3. Add free-range chicken $2.20.


Classic Caesar $7.75

A bed of chopped romaine topped with shredded parmesan, croutons and fresh sliced red onion. Served with Caesar dressing.

  Cranny Goat

Cranny Goat $7.95

Dried cranberries and crumbled chèvre lock horns on a bed of spring mix greens and pine nuts. Served with blush wine vinaigrette.

  Farmers Mistress

Farmer’s Mistress $7.75

An array of crisp, spring mix greens, fresh basil, grape tomatoes and fresh ciliegine mozzarella balls make up this love affair in a bowl. Served with balsamic vinaigrette.

  Perfect Pear

Perfect Pear $7.95

Fresh pear slices and maple syrup candied walnuts tossed in lemon juice meet their ideal match in crumbled gorgonzola, all on a bed of spring mix greens. Served with Dijon vinaigrette.


Herb's Garden Flatbread $5.95

An olive oil painted crust topped with a blend of fresh organic herbs, chopped fresh garlic, asiago and parmesan cheese.

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